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Dr. Brian Alman

Dr. Alman has been sharing simple and effective wellness solutions to over 100,000 regular people like you and me, in the health industry and beyond for the last 30 years. Author of the January release of “California Total Beauty,” co-authored with America's favorite Dermatologist, Dr. Tess Mauricio. This duo teams up to address how skin issues can sometimes be more than just skin deep.

"Dr. Alman has a PhD in clinical psychology and is licensed hypnotherapist. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on weight loss, mental fitness, mind-body healing, wellness, and self-care."

Dr. Alman is an expert in the following areas for media:

  • Health and Wellness stories
  • Money Issues, Wealth related issues with mind body wellness
  • Post Traumatic Stress Issues
  • Empowerment
  • Stress Management
  • Parenting
  • Conflict Resolution – like Lance Armstrong content
  • Violence Issues such as shootings & conflict resolution
  • Bullying and school issues
  • Justice & Legal trials involving family issues, rage, self defense
  • Celebrity content

California Total Beauty delves into how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside. “Total beauty” is a happy meeting of a healthy, attractive outer appearance and a healthy, positive inner self. You can be as beautiful as you choose to be. This is not about Vanity; it’s about loving yourself and your skin you are in! Personal outer beauty is the creation of our inner self-love. Dermatologist, Dr. Tess Mauricio and Wellness Expert, Dr. Brian Alman Ph.D. offer a simple approach, “Total beauty” is a book that combines a happy meeting of an attractive outside and a healthy, positive inner-self.

“Dr. Brian Alman’s Keep it Off weight loss plan is effective and well balanced. I recommend it.” – Deepak Chopra

Dr. Brian Alman is known worldwide as a leading authority in the field of mind-body healing. He is a popular writer, speaker, and wellness coach who specializes showing people how to use the power of their mind to help them be their very best. Brian is an expert in the areas of stress management and mind-body weight loss, two subjects that go hand in hand with Doctor Tess’ methods of skin rejuvenation and body sculpting. Brian likes to say that a person’s skin is “where the inside and the outside meet”—and so, together we offer an inside and outside approach to beauty that will bring you not only a far younger and more attractive appearance, but also far greater health and happiness. Through his books, his TV, radio, and speaking appearances, as well as through his mobile messaging company MSM (Mobile Stress Management), he has brought his simple and effective wellness techniques to tens of thousands of people.

Founder of www.TruSage.com

Other Books Authored by Dr. Brian Alman:

  • Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual of Health and Self-Change (1983) Brunner-Mazel
  • A Clinical Hypnosis Primer (1988) John Wiley & Sons
  • Thin Meditations (1994) International Health Pub.
  • Six Steps to Freedom (1999) International Health Pub.
  • Keep It Off: Your Keys To Weight Loss for Life (2004) Dutton
  • The Voice (2010) Sterling Ethos
“Dr. Brian Alman's Keep It Off program is effective and well balanced. I recommend it.” Deepak Chopra, World Renowned Author, Lecturer

“I found Dr. Alman’s work in mind/body approaches to be the best ever I’ve ever seen.” Arnold Singer, MD., Internal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente

“Dr. Alman enables people to draw upon internal resources for accomplishing and maintaining health-related goals…a major addition to self-help.” Vincent Felitti, MD. California Institutes of Preventive Medicines

“I have worked in the field of professional athlete rehabilitation and development for 22 years now. In that time, I have worked with many professional sports teams and famous athletes and continue to do so today. My professional success has come, in large part, because I have stood on the shoulders of intellectual giants like Brian Alman. Brian is one of the most effective experts in psychology of our era.” Paul Chek, founder, C.H.E.K Institute www.chekinstitute.com Vista, CA

“Dr. Alman’s methods are simple, most of them easy to learn, and they work. I am glad and proud to call Dr. Alman both, my friend and my teacher. His lifelong experience in healing along with his sensitive and empathetic way of dealing with clients is the best assumption for achieving ones goals.” Elmar Woelm, Ph.D. Osnabrück, Germany

“Dr. Alman’s system allowed me to be focused and composed under the most stressful situations in the NFL. With the game on the line in front of nearly 80,000 people and over a million watching on TV, I was able to relax and kick the game winner. I was able to excel in the most stressful situation thanks to what I learned from Dr. Alman. What he teaches works. Get it and then, more importantly, use it.” Michael Husted, former NFL Kicker, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Oakland Raiders, the Washington Redskins, and the Kansas City Chiefs www.iplayers.net

“Brian, thanks to the great work you put together, I took all that positive energy and won the award for start up of the year.” David Patrick, President & Chief Executive Officer, www.xkoto.com 

“I’m able to relax and perform in a very stressful business with ease now. And, I'm able to put a lot more money in my pocket. In fact, I quadrupled my income in 1 year! I feel completely fulfilled and happy both personally and professionally, as Dr. Alman’s lessons extended beyond just business! Thanks Brian.” Marc Datnow www.PenskeAutomotive.com, San Diego, CA

“Brian Alman …has the most complete command of performance enhancing ideas I have ever experienced. The simplicity of his ideas and (I can't say this strongly enough) the way they connect everything into a viable performance bubble, has allowed me, at age 61, to play scratch golf, again. You’re the best, Brian.” A.J. Bonar, founder The Society of Golf Educators www.ajgolf.com, Carlsbad, CA

“Dr. Alman has taught me so much that has completely changed the way I interview and treat patients.” Albert Ray, M.D., 2002 California Family Physician of the Year, www.kaiserpermanente.org

“Thanks to Dr Alman's solutions, including guided imagery, mindbody healing, accepting breathing, and no longer trying to over-control myself -- I am able to transition from a focused competitive state to a relaxed reflective state of mind. Thanks again Brian for giving me simple, easy to apply triggers to relax and reduce stress at any time.” Gary Wise, PGA Golf Professional

“I have been a member of the US Surfboat Crew for many years now, and in 2002, we won the Gold Medal in the 140yd Masters Division at the World Surf Life Saving Titles in Daytona Beach, Florida. Brian Alman and his work have been invaluable tools for me to get to this stage. Brian's simple, effective, and empowering methods worked fantastically.” —Peter McConnell

“Brian, thanks once more for working with me and my volleyball teams. I learned a great deal from you about how to control stress during competition, and even use it as a tool for greater success. So many of these skills seem to come pretty naturally to good athletes. However, just like fundamental physical skills, mental skills improve and become more automatic with practice.” —Duncan McFarland, UCSD volleyball coach